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For lack of a better word: Fabulous

I'm quite blown away by this flash, and not only because it's really fucking funny; it's also VERY well done. The animation and sound are excellent, and both function on the same level as one another, something that I see rarely often, but the effort shows. This is definitely a quality flash and definitely a rare gem overall, and this definitely deserves its place in "The Best of All Time" on the Portal front page.

Well done and important

Not only is this a well animated piece with good sound mixing, but it is also a pretty important one. Everyone needs to see this, just to see how much government agencies like the FCC are screwing us by letting our ISPs fuck with us based on what we access.


The animation and voice acting are solid, but I didn't find this very humorous, because animal abuse isn't something I find to be very funny.


I have no idea while people are liking this so much, and how something that was made in probably over an hour totally trumps something in score that took a month to make. Regardless of effort, it isn't as funny as the other shape submissions I've seen anyway.


I love this. I've watched it twice already and I think I'm going to watch it plenty of more times. (P.S. the artwork is pretty fuckin' rad)

tehslaphappy responds:

Thanks faggot.

Visuals are shit, but the audio is something else

Once again, like most Shape Spam movies, the voice acting is terrific, and the animation is complete and utter shit, but it's a hysterical piece of work. This has me inspired to make another.

You're tearing me apart, Sunshine!

Yes, I sat through the whole thing to the end to see what seems to be the plane blowing up above the Twin Towers very anti-climatically, using a very popular .gif explosion. The effort put forth in this submission is minimal at best. There is nothing redeeming, and the only good thing in the submission is the music by Oney which was used in "The Room Tribute" made by Tom Fulp. A more meaningful effort would have been appreciated.

uglyslug responds:


Pretty Amazing

First off, this submission is completely random, and makes no sense at all, but it tries SO hard to get laughs, and it succeeds unbelievably. I don't think I've laughed this hard for a while. Watch it sober, then watch it drunk and/or high. This was fucking awesome.


Excellent animation, great sound quality, and pretty fucking funny. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

YoinK responds:

thanks, definitely had to make this one quickly.

Some of the best animation on NG

Your animation, graphics, sound, and overall design are absolutely unbelievable! The amount of detail put into this is amazing, and while the humor is just a little twisted for me, that did not stop me from enjoying it.

I wish it would of been longer though, with appearances by Chase, Cameron, Foreman, and Cuddy. It would of been nice to see them parodied as well.

Still, this is one of the best animated submissions on NG.

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