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For lack of a better word: Fabulous

I'm quite blown away by this flash, and not only because it's really fucking funny; it's also VERY well done. The animation and sound are excellent, and both function on the same level as one another, something that I see rarely often, but the effort shows. This is definitely a quality flash and definitely a rare gem overall, and this definitely deserves its place in "The Best of All Time" on the Portal front page.

Well done and important

Not only is this a well animated piece with good sound mixing, but it is also a pretty important one. Everyone needs to see this, just to see how much government agencies like the FCC are screwing us by letting our ISPs fuck with us based on what we access.


The animation and voice acting are solid, but I didn't find this very humorous, because animal abuse isn't something I find to be very funny.

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Great game, but it ends too soon

I really like this game, I really do, it actually requires me to use my brain, which needed a little bit of dusting off for this submission. But after some thinking and really hard work, I finished the entire game, and I'm very impressed, but a bit disappointed at the same time.

I'm impressed that content of this nature is actually on NG, it's really great and entertaining and relevant in some way (Obama being president and all). I was also very impressed to find out that the game is very clever and humorous, and it references and parodies many movies in a witty way, like E.T., The Matrix, Spiderman, Toy Story, etc.

What disappointed me is that the end was a bit anti-climatic, and the fight scene with stopping the bullets was just a tad too difficult. This also feels like an unfinished game (as crazy as that sounds) and it seems as though there is more content that should follow after he jets off on the bike with E.T.

But I'm more impressed than disappointed, and I feel that I must give this a really good score for the effort put forth and the entertainment value it possesses. Good job.


The graphics and animation are really above the bar (maybe even beyond), and it has a great arcade game feel. I also personally despise K-Fed, which was an added bonus.

The difficulty is a bit staggering at first, but surprisingly, that's what makes the game so great, is that you actually have to play it about 3 times and lose before you actually get the hang of it.

Hard to find a game where its only weakness is one of its strengths as well. This is a gem.

Captures that authentic annoyance

I like how this captures the very authentic annoyance of Chris Crocker, and the fact that you get to put him in a blender so he can die a horrible death. Animation, sound, and graphics are nearly top notch.

However, this is a bit too short, and what you can do with the blender is very limited.

But still, a very enjoyable and well done submission.

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It was beautiful I cried. And then cried some more. Then cried again. Then cried 40 more times. And then had to go to the emergency for self-inflicted eye xerosis, then die, then arrive at Planet X discovering it's the "other side" people talk about, and then discover that Planet X is about to collide with Earth, meaning we're all screwed whether we live or die!!!

Wikka Wakka

This motherfuckin' shit should be featured, wikka wakka wikki it's wacka!
Nice beat too.


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The spit and polish you put on the final product is pretty damn good. Get to writing that comic.

Aigis responds:

There's still a lot I have to do. I've only got the designs of two characters for one.

It's no coincidence that my account is approximately as old as the movie Miss Congeniality.
Been on Newgrounds even before 2001 on a different alias. I will be bringing some of my future film work here.

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