It's no coincidence that my account is approximately as old as the movie Miss Congeniality.
Been on Newgrounds even before 2001 on a different alias. I will be bringing some of my future film work here.

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MrCongeniality's News

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 2nd, 2010

As stated in this link to his post, Jim is organizing a Blue Iris Collaboration.

Who the hell is Blue Iris?
Blue Iris is a former wack packer of The Howard Stern Show. She originally appeared on his show because Howard's producers thought it would be funny because she was a woman in her very late 50s doing porn. Her original visit to the show and the other ones following ended up being a total hit.

What's so special about this Blue Iris?
Blue Iris passed away in 2009. Long before her passing, I began playing the soundboard of her saying some really nasty shit in the Newgrounds Stickam Chatroom. People had no idea it was me at first, and peeps in the room just kept saying "This fucking sick granny keeps coming in asking if we are stroking our cocks, starts moaning, and asking if she can chew lightly on our wangs". At some point after I revealed it was me doing it the entire time, this whole Blue Iris thing began to grow on people, and it kind of became a meme in the NG Stickam chatroom. I was not expecting this.

Jim came up with a great idea last week: We should make a Blue Iris Collab! And I thought to myself...oh hell, that would be funny. But we aren't going to get enough people for to get it off the ground and running. Well...turns out we have PLENTY of people. As of right now, 7 people including myself will be in the collab.

Some people might make some awesome loops for the collabs, or make a really funny 10 second clip. Jim thought I was just doing the intro. I'm actually doing more than that, however. I've already laid down audio and have begun animating a 2 minute piece. I'm not going to talk what it is about...except that it does involve Blue Iris. I will show you one frame from the movie, though.

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ba 3709d1d9eb7658d3103e89c801261b

It probably doesn't look like anything special at the moment, but I have only been at work at this for a few days, mind you. I'm pretty sure the finished product is going to surprise people. Not because of the way it looks (I'm know I'm not that good of an artist), but if "ARFENHOUSE" has taught me anything, it's that it doesn't really matter how shitty the art in the flash looks, just as long as you make it entertaining and make people laugh. I have got laughs aplenty in this, especially the voice clips of Slappy talking about pubic hair.

The plan is to have everything done on December 23rd, and release it on Christmas or Christmas Eve. See you then motherfuckers!

(By the way, Crap Os X2 has had no progress over the past year. I have barely touched it. However, working on flash again after a while is kind of intoxicating, and I have decided that after this collab is done that I should dive back in and get Crap Os X2 finished. That isn't a promise. I'm just saying. If this does end up happening, watch out for it in April or May.)

The Blue Iris Collab

Posted by MrCongeniality - April 26th, 2010

Hey everybody. Just letting you know what's up. There is no movement on my projects whatsoever, but you should be expecting that.

I live in a rural area in Utah, and I am planning to relocate to the city by the end of this year. It will be Salt Lake City...yes...the mormon capital of the world. You will definitely see me being one of the fags marching on the the Mormon/LDS grounds campaigning for gay rights.

Why am I doing this? I realized that if I stay up at where I currently live right now, I am going to just slowly deteriorate and lose my fucking mind. I am a city boy, I always have been. I love living and breathing in a place of many people. It energizes me, it makes me feel whole. Last weekend, I had never felt more whole in my entire life.

The next few months are going to be quite busy for me, as I save up money to prepare for my move out of here. You are going to see me a lot less, A LOT less. I've also canceled my World of Warcraft subscription, if everything else is not a good enough sign. I was crazy addicted to that game. I played it every day for hours on end. It's certainly a sacrifice I'm more than willing to take so I can get on with my life. Playing pointless videogames without end is going to lead my life nowhere, and I want it to take off now.

So without much ado, this will be my last post for quite a long time. See you all in a few months, I hope.

Posted by MrCongeniality - February 6th, 2010

So, as many of you all know by now, two people I have come to respect, Merlinsbeard and Valz, are at war with each other. Both have their stories on how things went down, both of them are different, so as of this time I have chosen to believe neither of them and not choose a side. It really sucks because I know a good friend would do better, but fuck, I don't know what to do. I want to be friends with these people, but their little war has put me in the cross-hairs and I have been fired at, so to speak. I fucking hate it.

Then I come to discover this afternoon that my best friend and his boyfriend (and his boyfriend also happens to be a really damn good friend of mine and me and him go waaaay back), the two of them are having a bit of a fight. What my really good friend did to my best friend was a bit off-color. But my best friend is over-reacting just a bit, because what was done was easily forgivable. But instead there is a little war looming, I can tell, and I am trying to help put this situation at rest before it envelops into something more catastrophic. But nothing I say is putting my best friend at rest.

I wish I had the answer to cool him down so he would stop being pissed off. But I guess I don't. Being the person who set these two up, I do feel responsible for what is becoming of this. Plus they are my best friends, and I fucking love them to death. I would not be able to stand watching these two fight and bicker with one another. But it's coming, and I am going to have to sit back and watch it in horror. As well, I don't think they realize whose world they will really be ruining, and that it is their friends who watch from the distance as this situation rears its ugly head.

These two are real amazing together. They are a lot of fun together. But I guess what my best friend says is true, nothing lasts forever. Not life, not love, not even friends.

So as Valz and Merlin duke it out, I begin to think to myself "Fuck...what if this happened to blah and blah, I would become a fucking wreck," and this morning, it turns out, it really is starting to happen. Now I just have to watch as the walls come crashing down and things change for the worse, and have my social anxiety put at another high.

So people, if you have a group of friends you hang out with, and you get into a fight with one of the friends in the group, don't forget to realize the effect that the fight will have on other people in the group. It might be more than once this week that I have been a victim of something like this, and I'm sick of it already. I would just rather stay at home in my room all day ALONE for the rest of my life, instead of putting myself in situations where things like this could happen.

But in absolute irony, I guess my damn username matches my personality, and being Mr. Congeniality is beginning to get the best of me.


Posted by MrCongeniality - February 4th, 2010

Congratulations to Fyndir, first winner of the OFFICIAL "Kick Blue Iris" contest in Stickam. Held daily. Actually more than daily. Can YOU kick Blue Iris??? More importantly, "are you stroking your cock?"

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Posted by MrCongeniality - December 16th, 2009

If you haven't been in the Newgrounds Stickam Room ran by its own users, you are missing out...

Needless to say, there's something in the video that happens involving pancake syrup.

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If you wish to join us, read the latest page in the Stickam thread.

Posted by MrCongeniality - September 10th, 2009

As I keep finding old videos on my hard drive of me and my friends doing random shit, I am uploading some of them to YouTube. These ones are among my favorites that I am just finally getting around to posting.

"Taci Gets Wet" (Filmed in Summer 2004) - Me and Taci try to lure my friend Jalisa out onto my back porch where we have placed a sprinkler, and knowing Jalisa, she wouldn't care and just pass it off as something my dad put there. But Jalisa wouldn't come outside, so we wasted our time setting up the prank. Well, at least Taci wasted her time...I wasn't going to let this go to waste.

/* */
"Stoned" (Filmed in Late Fall/Early Winter 2005) - Taci and Kimmie come up to my house baked as fuck, and Taci passes out on my couch, and me and Kimmie find ways to fuck with her. This includes shoving a bag of ice up her upper back, which was supposed to be used on my face for I had my wisdom teeth removed that very same day.

/* */
"Fun at Sky View" (Filmed in Spring 2004) - We go to my old high school and dick around after it has closed. They really shouldn't leave their doors open!

/* */
"All Of These People Are Bitches" (Filmed August 2009) - This video is not an old video, but this is me and my gay friends doing stupid shit on gay day at an amusement park.

/* */

More Memorabilia stufff

Posted by MrCongeniality - September 2nd, 2009

I think the DD or KK is targeting us with something new here and trying to get us to be their portal buddies so their can co-author us with their stupid spam movies, but I'm not entirely sure.

I just got a PM from a user saying "I am making a movie about you......But I need you to approve my flash buddy request...". I have never talked to this user, had interactions with, heard of, or even seen this user on Newgrounds before.

Just because someone random wants to be your portal buddy doesn't mean they actually want to work on collaborations with you. If you remember, the DD posted movies and shared their credits with their many alts, and when the site admins deleted the users with the spam movies, the accounts associated with the spam flashes attached to the main account that uploaded the flash were removed as well. Frankly, if you add someone you don't know, and they use their submissions to take advantage of you and you get your account deleted, I don't think people like Wade will think twice about removing your account, because you were dumb enough to allow someone to co-author you, someone that you did not know.

Now, if these users want to make a movie about you, that is fine, but you are not involved with the creation or production of this movie, so why co-author? You are probably thinking "Well I don't have a flash movie and this will get me recognized because someone will do it for me" or "this will help my batting average", but boy oh boy...what if you get online tomorrow and your account on Newgrounds no longer exists? Wouldn't that stink?

Are you getting a Portal Buddy request from someone you don't know?  You should read this.

Posted by MrCongeniality - August 30th, 2009

Filmed back in 2003, my fag hag Kimmie takes a pee xD (SFW)

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And here are some videos I filmed back in January '04. I miss those days.

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Posted by MrCongeniality - August 26th, 2009

So, we had a troll visit the Stickam room last night, but this was complete troll win. The user streamed videos of fat old men touching themselves inappropriately and doing naughty things (I mean CHRIST, one man had a double-d breast cup size, maybe even Fs). At first, we were convinced this person was actually real, but things took a turn for the worst (and funniest) right at the very end, as Chris Perron told us that he runs an old man porn business, and we got a glimpse of some old man pen0r...

Completely epic.

Lemonparty doesn't have shit on this.

You can watch the video in 720p HD here.

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Posted by MrCongeniality - August 14th, 2009

A video of me back in the good old days...when I was 50 pounds heavier hahaha

/* */
(You got to admit, getting hit by a car is so easy when you are SO big)