It's no coincidence that my account is approximately as old as the movie Miss Congeniality.
Been on Newgrounds even before 2001 on a different alias. I will be bringing some of my future film work here.

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MrCongeniality's News

Posted by MrCongeniality - August 6th, 2009

If you haven't checked it out yet, check out Newgrounds Stick Chat. The current room is located here. You can get involved with the Stickam BBS topic by going here. Rooms die out regularly, and we have to make new ones, and they are usually posted in that topic.

If you haven't been on NG Stickam, here is what you are missing.

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Newgrounds Stickam Webcam Chat

Posted by MrCongeniality - July 28th, 2009

Got your attention didn't I?

My next project is called "Debbie n' Shaniqua 2012".

Yes, it's a sequel to those stupid shape spam movies that everyone was "bandwagoning" back in January. But what can you expect this time? More shapes! More Spam! And an apocalyptic movie full of CGI effects and no plot whatsoever!

Here's the teaser!

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2012 Is Very Real

Posted by MrCongeniality - July 27th, 2009

Thank You :)

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Posted by MrCongeniality - July 26th, 2009

Hello everybody. I just wanted to let you know that tonight I came up with an idea for a sequel to my Debbie n' Shaniqua "Shape Spam" movie.

Like the previous submission, it won't be very long. However, it will be edited to be like a movie trailer, and it's going to be balls out (or balls deep) crazy, loaded with epic destruction, and end of the world cataclysm.

Once you see the title featured in the image below, I think you are going to understand perfectly what is going to be in store next...

(FYI this is coming out on October 13th, 2009, not next leap year!)

Another "Shape Spam" Movie In The Works

Posted by MrCongeniality - July 23rd, 2009

Well, are you?

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Posted by MrCongeniality - July 22nd, 2009

Regarding my previous news post, it seems as though I am realizing the gravity of this Duck Division situation, and things are a lot worse than I ever thought they could have been.

Seriously, bruteforcing and phishing mods, and posting child porn? Have these idiots lost their minds? I am in complete shock. Now I hear that the FBI is getting involved. I guess I underestimated this situation and I am now completely at a loss of words.

Still, I'm not going to flag their submissions, because I hear if you flag it and it passes judgment, your whistle points get taken away. Which really demotivates me from doing so...I mean what's the point on blowing a whistle on something when it is just going to turn into garbage and you won't be able to use again?

I remember there being this war of regular users against Clocks on NG, and I was one of the users who was very outspoken against the Clocks, then one day the Clock Crew actually started uploading good content, and suddenly it was full of nice people and other users to converse and talk with. I made amends, and even made a clock account myself for fun. (I miss those days)

The Clocks were a misunderstood crew of users. The Duck Division started off somewhat like the Clock Crew, and they could of had potential, but now they are nothing but Cyber-Terrorists posting child pornography.

Lightning cannot strike twice.

(And if the Duck Division wants to try to get into my account, then go ahead. I bet you it will take your little bruteforcer YEARS to find out my "little" password.)

Attention SPAM Flaggers, Part 2

Posted by MrCongeniality - July 18th, 2009

I want to point out that there was a discussion of whistle blowing in NG Stickam Chat tonight, because apparently Duck Division or some other lame spam crew is back uploading shit to the NG portal.

I just want to make sure everyone gets my point that back in the day, say 10 or more months ago, I would see crews like DD and others continue to upload shit to the portal like MAD. I then saw they were basically uploading duplicates and they just continued to spam like mad, so I started using my whistle on the submissions they were uploading. As a result, my whistle turned into a garbage whistle. I had not been flagging any reviews as abusive prior to this, because I was not really fond of the feature until a few months later when I realized this feature could take my whistle out of it's then shit status.

Now, I only say this because it's for your own good, but if admins and mods really have said this, then I haven't read about it or anything. I was just telling all of you this for your own good, because having a garbage whistle really stinks and it took me a LONG time to get it back to a normal whistle.

By the way, you should also know I disappeared back in March and haven't really been around since then, until recently. So if there is a post by Wade or one of the NG Admins or Mods saying that flagging these spam submissions are fine, and they won't go negatively against your whistle status, then I have totally missed it, and once I read the post of them giving the OK, then I will adjust my logic accordingly.

Can I also ask that you guys not take the situation so seriously on my behalf? Just because I say "DON'T FLAG THESE SUBMISSIONS" doesn't mean I am in support of them. It is in fact the opposite. I just don't like seeing any collateral damage, ya know.

I am not on the spammer's side, never have been, never will. And frankly, it is pathetic that I should even have to pick a side in the first place. Why can't I just stay neutral about this without being criticized like crazy? Guess that's the way it goes.

And now, a little treat for all of you NG Stickam Users:

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Posted by MrCongeniality - June 26th, 2009

Hello everyone. I haven't updated in a while so I'm going to give you a rundown of what is going on with my life, as well as my views on the art portal, and the status of my upcoming projects.

My personal lifehas seemed to be improving since April's little collapse, and while it has improved, it seems as though some things just can't stay leveled. Like my job, for one thing, my employers are really tight-assed about everything really, and keep in mind this is a really entry-level job involving customer surveys that pays 7 dollars an hour, and yet they expect you to do your job like you are being paid 15 or 20 bucks an hour. Even when you do that, you can still get written up, in trouble, or get a supervisor bitching at you for making a really small mistake. My nerves are completely shot from my job 3 months in, and while I've been thinking of quitting, I'm not going to do such a thing unless a very bad situation presents itself.

Another great example that this job is too over-the-top: there is a client coming in this Monday, and they want everyone to dress up in business clothes, instead of casual, so basically they want to project the image that they never allow employees to wear casual clothing to work, which is not the case. And basically, they want me to wear a business dress suit that I don't have (I probably would have something close if I was still attending a church or part of some stupid religion), and they want me to buy it out of my own paycheck that they pay me, whilst paying me 7 dollars an hour, and did I mention that they are not going to pay me more while dressed up in business attire? Did I also mention that the building I work in has no air conditioning? And yesterday it was just as hot as it was inside as it was outside (which is pretty damn hot)? Let's not forget, they also severely docked my paycheck 2 weeks ago for writing me up for something silly. It involved their computers being slow pieces of shit, but let's just leave it at that, I was written up for something that was not my fault.

I don't get paid enough to look like a god at my job. While I may do my job with my very best effort (and I make myself sound so polite I actually sound like a female switchboard operator), I would rather prefer to be comfortable doing it. Being all sweaty, hot, and in business attire is not something I get paid 7 dollars an hour for. If I got paid 14, I'd be fine with it. But 7? Forget it.

Thankfully, I have avoided this situation because I'm set to be out of town until Monday, so I'm already scheduled to have the day off. Unless my manager tells me that my request for the day off has been rejected. In which case, I'll probably just straight up quit, because I've never had a sick day while working there, and I've only taken 1 scheduled day off in my time of being there, and I've only been late once, and I'm usually early for my shift. If another job comes along that I like, I'm going to quit this one in a snap. Although, I must admit I'm too nice to just do that. I'll probably give them a weeks notice or something.

Now, concerning the Art Portal.

I thought the "Art Portal" was an inside joke between NG users, but I guess I was way wrong. It was actually a forthcoming feature that has now been implemented into the site. It's nice that NG's art portal isn't a complete rip off of DeviantArt, for photography is not allowed, and the art portal's purpose can be mainly for artists to use other people's contributed artwork it in their flash movies, which is a very nice feature.

However, the execution of the Art Portal is really mundane. In fact, you're way more likely to get recognized and receive more recognition on DeviantArt. I don't get much notice on DeviantArt, but it's way more than I get here, and I already have 3 original submissions on the Art Portal. I know exactly what is to blame as well, and it's because of one stupid feature.

Whoever thought of the "Scouting" feature for the Art Portal should really have a thorough cat-scan. How the feature works, from what I hear, is that for you to scout work, your work has to be scouted first, by someone else who has already had their work scouted by someone else who became a scout by being scouted. Which means, the first scouters have to be mods or administrators, stepping down to popular artists, which are probably too self-centered to scout lower ranked user's works, or just don't care. Your work will also not be visible on the Art Portal until you are scouted. Which is just...annoying.

I don't know how else I can prove that my artwork is my own. The 3 submissions I uploaded to NG are on DeviantArt as well (and in FULL resolution, I might add, i.e. 6000x3000 pixels), and that is the only way I can provide proof that the artwork is mine really, unless you want me to hold up the original drawing and take a picture with my digital camera. But hey, I could of just printed that out on a piece of paper, right? They should of thought of something more original and more tolerable for users submitting artwork to NG that didn't involve "scouting". Unless I am scouted within the next 2 weeks, you can expect my first 3 submissions in the art portal to also be my last.

Here are the original DeviantArt links to my Art Portal submissions I have uploaded to NG:
http://mistac87.deviantart.com/art/Smi le-2003-114729409
http://mistac87.deviantart.com/art/Smi le-Big-123947597
http://mistac87.deviantart.com/art/Ohh h-Gurl-123947887

Full resolution download is still enabled. If you are smart, you will not download these images, and upload them to the art portal as your own. Doing so would be very foolish...

Now about my upcoming projects.

I want to have Crap Os X2 finished by the end of this year, and that is currently my intentions. My other projects are currently at a halt, for I have no desire to finish them at this current time, not even Sheindlin's Reign 2. I'd really like to finish the remake of 8th Vacation (a submission I originally made in 2001), and if I finish Crap Os X2 by the end of this year, I'll have 8th Vacation done by the 1st half of 2010. And for now, you might as well rename "Sheindlin's Reign 2" to "Judge Judy Forever", because like "Duke Nukem Forever", I might not finish it for a few years, and it will be released "when it's done", or who knows, maybe I will "go out of business" and the animation will be canceled for good after years of development.

That is all from me for now, thanks for reading.

Posted by MrCongeniality - April 10th, 2009

I really never thought that my life could sink any lower than it already has.

I fell in love with someone, and I told them how I felt, and it didn't amount to anything, and it really put me in a place I've never been before. I actually called my mom and dad and basically told them goodbye, because I was actually going to kill myself. But I am here, surprise surprise. I had been in love with this person for nearly a year. And after all this time, and after all that has happened, and after all that I have done for him, it didn't make one bit of a difference. He was "the one" too, and I'm still certain of it.

So, all of you who watch my upcoming projects and stuff (which is a rather small audience), I'm not going to be working on anything anymore. There's no desire to. There's no reason to. It's pointless and a waste of time. Just like making friends, or falling in love. It's pointless. All you do is get hurt in the end.

Posted by MrCongeniality - April 1st, 2009

The site's complete layout and everything today is absolutely fucking brilliant. Kudos to the staff and Stamper for pulling it off so well. I am laughing my ass off.

My only complaint: I keep getting an error message saying "Under Review" or some shit when trying to post to the forums.

Please Observe This Message from the Ministry of Communication.

Your personal information, associates, and past activities are currently under review by the State Council Information Office.

You will be able to post in Communication Forums once you have been cleared. Until that time, please submit all comments to user pages.

Also, please note what others are saying about approved activities and non-inciting discussion.

I hope this gets cleared up soon.

But I love how my subject title for this news post automatically removes the word "th3" and replaces other words like "j0ke" with "improvement". hahaha.