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MrCongeniality's News

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 21st, 2008

You know something is really wrong with the Newgrounds Portal when a submission wins Daily Feature and then is blammed.

These damn crews (Kitty Krew, the Fag Crew, or [DD] or whatever) are uploading spam, and a bunch of their members are doing a "fiffen" (voting 5 on them, even though the submission clearly doesn't deserve it). It got way out of control today, as seen that the daily featured has just been blammed. Thankfully other users voted accordingly and correctly (and NG is not completely full of retards), but there's got to be something done about this so it doesn't happen again.

What should happen is that all submissions that are submitted 1 or 2 hours prior to the new day on NG will not win any featured awards or anything until the day afterward (that is, if they are quality submissions). That way, these kinds of thing won't happen, and only the deserving submissions are on the charts.

I feel really bad for the people who actually submitted quality submissions but didn't receive any recognition because of these spamming assholes and their stupid crews.

I've been working on Crap Os X2 (click here for a peek) for about 5 years now (on and off, but still), I've put hundreds, literally, HUNDREDS of hours into this upcoming submission and I fear that it might get knocked out by this stupid spam and their crews if I upload it to the NG portal.

We've had problems with spam in the past but I don't think it's ever been something as bad as this (unless you remember Britney Spear's Fucks), and I hope there's a little bit more control over crap like this when we are farther into 2009.

(The above 4 paragraphs were just posted to the NG BBS's daily featured topic, so if you've already read that post, sorry about the repetitive stuff, I originally wrote everything in here for the blog, but then decided to post some of it to the NG BBS as well)

It would be a shame to have something I've been making for this long (especially with NG in mind) to be scattered to the winds like this, because of pure idiocy. Sounds just like the country I live in, to be honest. The people who really do good for my country really go unrecognized, but yet, there are shitheads are all over the fucking news.

NG's Flash Portal is being taken over by idiots!

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 16th, 2008

I've uploaded a little clip of in-game footage of Crap Os X2 to youtube. You can view it by clicking here.

As you now have been made aware, paper clips now have minds of their own.

Oh and, tell me your thoughts on the preview. Remember, this isn't the whole game, it's just a very small part of it.

Edit: Forgot to mention this. One of the sound effects used in the in-game footage comes from none other than Newgrounds.com's own Teletubby Funland Game starring Suck-Suck!

Edit: I've embed the video in the post instead, I forgot news posts had this lovely feature! It's also in high quality. You may still want to watch it on YouTube due to the size restrictions on this page (the video is 480 pixels wide, and it's been forced to 425. You'll have a hard time reading some of the text on the video and it's a vital part of the video.)

/* */

Crap Os X2 Preview

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 13th, 2008

Some interesting facts if you didn't know already:

Crap Os X2 runs at a really wimpy 640x480. Kinda pathetic, I know, but when I started this project, you have to realize, I thought I would finish it in 2005. Now everything is so much more different.

The framerate is at 60 frames per second. The resolution may be low, but the frame rate is really high. Even now a days, hardly anyone creates flash work at 60fps. However, Windows Vista run at maximum framerate when just running the visual effects and whatnot, and the most common refresh rate is, you guess it, 60 frames per second. I also created some of NG's first 60fps work with Mega Man Shorts Ep. 1, but the movie was only a demonstration and not really anything else. I did try to make it something people would like.

Crap Os X2 will meet the NG filesize limit, but it could be just barely. People are getting faster connections in today's world, and high-speed internet has definitely out-shined dial-up. Those who have Dial-Up should not even touch Crap Os X2, not unless they want to wait around for about 15 to 30 minutes for it to load. The file size is particularly a bit big because of the audio and visual quality, and there is an embed FLV inside the movie, but it's very short and not very big, however it did add 200KB. I will probably be embing one more FLV file but that's it. The filesize right now is 5.35MB, which is pushing me to even compress it a little less because this project will deserve it. After all, it will be a 5 year old project once the new year rolls around.

I'm recreating some stuff from Crap Os and Crap Os X. I felt what I really wanted to do is recreate some of the things from the first two versions. They will not be identical. I no longer have the source files for Crap Os or Crap Os X (I blame hard drive crashes and my stupidity to not back up, which I am doing this time around). It's a good thing though, I shouldn't be dipping back into the previous version and using it for this one. So if you played the first two, you'll notice a new look, but with some same content with a much better execution. The fake programs from Crap Os X like "XCD" are in Crap Os X2, but the way it works is different. DivX player from the original Crap Os is back too, and so is "Proxist Is Sexxxxy!", however it's not a gif image, it's actually a FLV movie I embed of my sister saying it (I wonder if this could go viral, wahaha). As well, the notepad application is back too, with the annoying little clip pet. It probably won't be as funny as it was in "Crap Os X", I have to admit I had some people laughing pretty hard with a talking X on a large amount of drugs that had ingested sperm.

I captured a screenshot of what it looks like of now, I may be replacing the backgroud (AGAIN). It's featured below, but here's a link the the full size version: OMG CLICKS!!!

You'll notice the DivX player with my sister in the background. She's really going to hate me for this.

Also a little trivia, the original Crap Os X2 didn't have MSN Messenger, it had Yahoo. It opens up with offline messages from Eric Cartman, and Lori Hacking. She is now on the MSN list as "Offline".

For those of you who don't remember, Lori Hacking from Utah was killed in 2003 or 2004 after she confronted her husband about his cheating on her. Hence why her status says "I HATE MY HUSBAND!!!!" and she's offline.

Also, "Brendad Ickson" is a reference from the famous parody videos made by Deven Green. The original one was taken down for copyright and is no longer on her youtube page, so there's the link if you want to watch it, it's a fucking hoot. "Trouser Gravy" is also a reference to the videos.

"Lars" is a reference from the famous youtube video called Lars the Emo Kid. I felt this should be in there, because it felt funny, and I have done some work for the creator of the video, Paxton Gilmore.

"Bob Lowlaw" is a reference from a lawyer's name on Arrested Development. I love that it just sounds like gibberish, but it could be a real name.

"Olive Blackock" and "Harry Taint" is a reference from the prank calls Richard Christy and Sal Governale make on "The Howard Stern Show". "Blue Iris" is also part of the wack pack on Howard Stern as well.

Hope you enjoyed these random facts.

Crap Os X2 - 12/13/08 Update

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 8th, 2008

For those of you who are concerned about my projects and work, some of you might be a little pissed off that I'm not keeping to my word when things will be done. Well, this post is to tell you that my projects are getting the "Blizzard" treatment. It'll be released whenever it's done. However, I'm not creating a popular MMORPG or creating something that will be considered spectacular, I run on my own schedule, and own timetable. I'm not bound by rules. I come and go as I please. Which is why Crap Os X2 has been in the works since late 2004, and yes, I'm using the same file I started in 2004.

I worked on Crap Os X2 for about 3 hours this morning, and I'm trying my best to start making it final release quality, however, it is still far from it. The fake applications inside this interactive little thing are starting to come together nicely. I'm feeling for the first time that I might actually finish this thing. But I'm not going to give a date for it, maybe just a year. 2009. Don't expect it within 6 months though, that would be crazy. I'm anxious to finish this project and get it out of my head so I can stop thinking about it. It annoys me constantly how I have yet to finish it in the near 4 years I've been working on it.

Regarding "Sheindlin's Reign 2": I have not worked on it for months, and I'm not planning to for a long time. While I'm certain I'll release it, it just won't be for a long, LONG time.

Other projects, like the recreation of 8th Vacation, will probably come after Crap Os X2, and before Sheindlin's Reign 2, while the release period between Crap Os X2 and 8th Vacation will be MUCH shorter than 8th Vacation and Sheindlin's Reign 2.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this.

Here's a quick capture of Crap Os X2.

Updates on projects - 12/08/08

Posted by MrCongeniality - October 4th, 2008

So when was Windows Vista unleashed? January 2007 right? Well, it'll be 2 years in a few months, and yet, this is still THE 2ND WORST version of Windows I have ever used. Not because it crashes (it's very stable), or because I hate Mikrosoft (spelling error intended). It's because of one simple thing: Performance.

I know how this operating system works, and it's depressing what Microsoft has done to people, making them think this is the best version of Windows yet. I put on my blogger blog about a year or so ago a review for Windows Vista, grading it a C-, saying "it's neither a step forward, or a step backward, or maybe it's both." At that time I wasn't very convinced that Windows Vista was the 2nd worst version of Windows out there, but that's only because this operating system has the power to subdue you because of the way it looks.

It's gorgeous! And honestly, that's probably the only reason people are upgrading. They are not taking into account that Windows Vista uses something called "Superfetch" (which in my opinion, is superghey), and it stores stuff you use frequently into memory so it's loaded much faster. Sounds easy, right? Well, even if you have 2GB of memory, you're memory is eaten alive. Plus, there's no way to turn "Superfetch" off and that's "Superannoying", as well as Windows Vista's new visual theme.

Wait, didn't I say Windows Vista's new visual theme was gorgeous? Well, yeah, but beauty is a curse on the world. The glass theme puts a giant dent in your graphics performance, due to something called "Desktop Composition" which basically captures frame by frame of every window you have open, so you can see a preview of it when hovering over the task in the taskbar. It's convenient, yes, but looks can kill.

Furthermore, is driver incompatibility. What the hell is wrong with Microsoft? Every time they release a new version of their Windows Operating System, drivers keep losing support. This doesn't happen (if so, very seldom) with Linux. You can blame the software/hardware manufatures if you want, but they shouldn't have to update drivers each time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, Microsoft should make it easy for users to use the hardware/software just as they did on the previous version of Windows.

But I've had so many problems with drivers being unsupported in Vista when they worked beautifully under XP. There's even some that were only made for XP that are no longer supported in Vista, which is uber sad. A installed Vista on my dad's desktop he purchased in 2002, and his video card and sound card were not supported. I expected the video card to have some issues, but the sound card? Jesus christ. It's a sound card, all you do is hear sound through it, it's that simple. It's like this huge scheme that Microsoft is trying to make us buy new shit, and yet we already payed as much as $400 for their new opearting system. It's bullshit.

Plus, is the indexing, for searching of course, which can be turned off, as with all version of Windows so far. Then there is that annoying UAC shit, which can be disabled as well, but you gotta reboot, and sometimes, rebooting is the last thing you want to do, depending on what you are doing. Even with UAC disabled, you'll have trouble with "Permissions". I installed a piece of software on Vista, and I was not very impressed by it, so I went to uninstall, and when it wouldn't uninstall I decided that I would clean it out the hard way, only to find out that I had to be the administrator to delete the folder. So I ran "cmd.exe" as administrator, and tried doing the old fashion "del" command on the folder, and it didn't work, I even ran explorer as administrator and it didn't work. I had to reboot the system into safe mode just to get rid of it.

Combine all of the problems I have mentioned above, and you have a vomitorium of an operating system known as Windows Vista, a version a Windows that would be the worst, had Windows ME not existed. This is the Paris Hilton of operating systems, it's very great looking, but it can't do shit. Especially that graphics thing, and if you are a gamer like me, you'll hate it even more. Especially to the graphic designers as well, who need to use all the RAM provided to them. If you're both a gamer and a graphic designer, then you may just want to murder Bill Gates in cold blood.

SP1 also improves on nothing. There, finally, I said something about SP1. Who cares what SP1 has to offer if Vista is still running like shit in general? I know people who waited a long time for SP1 and expected just this great and amazing thing to happen, but it was just more of the same old thing.

Let's face it: Windows Vista is a knockout for stay-at-home mothers.

But on the whole: Windows Vista is an example of how you can take Windows XP, the best Windows ever, behind a shed, and shoot it. And while it's still alive and kicking, let's admit it, it's a vegetable.

I give Windows Vista SP1 a D-.

Posted by MrCongeniality - September 30th, 2008

I felt as though I should bring this over to NG. I posted this on my blogger blog and felt as though it should be included with my NG stuff. Especially since America is in a crisis (and the rest of the world is slowly joining in). I also had a lot to say about this topic in the politics forum. You can search my latest BBS posts for it if you want to read it, but this is basically almost the same thing. So here it is.

Dear Barney Frank,

Me and you are fellow democrats. We probably split on certain views, but you are a democrat, and I love democrats. But, you sir, are a fucking idiot. Our markets have dipped into turmoil and we are in the middle of an economic and financial crisis. But yet, you're taking a day off Tuesday for a "Jewish Holiday", the day right after our market plunges nearly 800 points, the day right after what will probably be called "The New Black Monday". This is how I perceive you: You think your religion is a more important than the country you were elected to serve.

Do this country a favor, and resign. I am disgusted that you would let your religion interfere with your country's duties. We are in a financial crisis, and you go and have a little vacation. You're preventing us from submitting another bill to congress to save our economy.

Your religion doesn't disgust me, but the fact that you practice it this way does. If I were Jewish, a representative, a chairmen of the financial services committee, and I was serving a country now in an economic crisis that demanded immediate action, I guess my religion would just be shit out of luck, now wouldn't it?

Another reason why I'm agnostic/atheist. Religion only complicates things, and it's bullshit. You're welcome to practice whatever your religion you want in this country, but if you are serving the country and letting your religion stop you from serving, then fucking resign, and get someone else to be the chairman for the financial services committee.

I'm sure there are several others out there A LOT better than you.

Posted by MrCongeniality - September 11th, 2008

It's been a long time since I've updated this. So any of you who actually care about my flash listen up.

Every project I'm working on is going to be treated like it's a fucking Blizzard game. It's going to be done when it's done, and I don't have a release date for anything I am working on, from Crap Os X2 (which has been in work since 2004), to Sheindlin's Reign 2.

Now it shouldn't be regarded highly as such as the games that Blizzard puts out, but I'm only offering a comparison that creating flash movies and such is not on the top of my list. I hardly have the time, energy, power, or will to do so. Why don't I have the will? Well, if I had submitted Crap Os X2 back in 2005 finished, it would of been regarded as something groundbreaking. Now it's probably just your basic submission that will go on to get a green bar around my submission in the portal. Nothing else.

But I will be working on my stuff a bit more now because what I'm in college for is perfect for my movies, being graphic design or web design.

Oh and um, last time I checked my comments (months ago) some idiot was pissed off about my posts about NG shit and whatnot so they posted 29 comments in a row, with the same shit. Spamming would be the right word.

Word of advice, if you plan on doing so please read the terms of service or the agreement you were required to read before you signed up to use Newgrounds.

Speaking of comments, I really do enjoy the legitimate ones users leave me, even if they are full of hate, I do enjoy reading your feedback. So if you have any feedback, comments, or whatever, don't hesitate to leave any. Just as long as you don't do 29 double posts with the same stuff...eh let's make it 2... :P

Posted by MrCongeniality - September 10th, 2007

Keeping promises isn't my speciality, but I'm going to keep my word and finish projects that I have said I would do. This includes stuff like Crap Os X2 (Was due in February of 2006). I have my excuses at why I couldn't finish them, but I'll spare you the details.

That being said, a submission I had submitted to NG back in 2001 is getting a complete makeover, (and it isn't "Osama In The Matrix", which I removed personally from the portal even after I had touched it up.) The re-released version of "Osama In The Matrix" wasn't a complete makeover. Some crap was removed but most crap still remained. I speak of crappy drawings and animation of course.

The submission I had submitted in 2001 was called "8th Vacation", which received generally good reviews from the community, but was stricken from the portal due to low score. "8th Vacation" had a plot-line: It was the last day of school for 8th grade students, 2 of which were out of class during the final bell, having sex in the girl's restroom. Since most of you never got to see it in 2001, I'm going to treat this like a new project and not reveal any more surprises or plot details until its release.

Once again, I want to strain that this isn't simply a resubmission with a bit of added glamor. This is a total and complete remodel. Everything has been re-created from scratch. The only elements remaining from the olds movies are the computer generated voices (which oddly have some weird authentic feeling), and the ENTIRE old version of the movie which can be played alongside the new version by pressing the spacebar. It was a bit difficult to do, but once you see it in action, you'll probably come to the concussion that the 2001 version is just a crappy storyboard of the new version.

The new version has to honestly be my best work in animation yet. I haven't taken any shortcuts with this one, or become lazy (so far anyways.) I'd give you an example of something more detailed, but it might give away the ending, which is all at once, way too sudden and abrupt, random, and hilarious. However, that doesn't mean I don't have stuff you can feast your eyes on. Included with this post is a picture of 2 shots, with 2 old version shots over them. As you can see, this isn't just another half-assed project.

Expect Sheindlin's Reign 2 in mid or early November. 8th Vacation will come out around or 1 week before Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, Crap Os X2 is still being worked on too. That's 3 projects I'm juggling and trying to finish.

Also, I'll be posting a special feature next week called "Behind 8th Vacation (2007)". Watch out for that!

Without further ado, two shots of 8th vacation.

"Sheindlin's Reign 2" Delayed (By 3 or 2 weeks), Old Project now in the mix, to be released a week after "Sheidlin's Reign 2"

Posted by MrCongeniality - August 25th, 2007

I know some of you won't take me seriously with the release of my upcoming projects. And I deserve, because I've ditched so many movies I promised to make a submit. However, the tables are beginning to turn as of late. Everyone remember Crap Os X2? Well yeah...I'm finishing it and releasing it as soon as Sheindlin's Reign 2 is done. I also have something on Megaman Shorts Episode 2. But we'll save that for later in the post.

Sheindlin's Reign 2 is coming along great and is a real blast to make. I found myself disturbed a bit however, and even shocked, because I'm really treading along the lines of my own morality with something that Judge Judy will do in the 2nd case. I'll hint as far as this: Guns are not involved, and the way Judge Judy will hand her "judgement" down is pretty fucked up. But yet, it keeps true to Daniel and Jeff Rowe's artistic and yet relentlessly violent style. However, the movie has some different pacing so far. Although it will really speed up in the 2nd half. The 1st half is just for laughs, fucked up cases like a 22 year old college student suing a 2 year old child, and a fat chick sending nude photos of herself through an E-Bay order, which is DEFIANTLY NOT WHAT THE PLAINTIFF HAD PURCHASED. The next case will not feature sounds clips edited together from the judge judy show, but instead, my own self-created cases. There are tons of surprises in this movie so far, and to give them all away before I release the movie is just a big mistake. But what I will reveal is that I hopefully plan to release another trailer before the release, which will parody J.J. Abram's "1-18-08" trailer. What will happen might be predictable, but then again it might not, let's just say either way it's going to be a big treat.

I have put up an album of some images from Sheindlin's Reign 2. They are only of judge judy at her stand and holding her gun of course, in hopefully what looks like what will be the final product (of the background and judge judy's stand, etc.)

View the latest Sheindlin's Reign images here: http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb2 5/MistaC87/Sheindlins%20Reign%202/

Now onto Mega Man Shorts: Episode 2.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish I would of said this earlier, but this episode was already made when I submitted Episode 1. Basically Episode 2 was supposed to be part of episode 1, but I had put this project on hold for too long and I wanted to throw part of it out there, which happens to be episode 1. So episode 2 will pick up where episode 1 left off, of course. It's a "24" parody. There isn't alot to finish, but my priorities now are on Sheindlin's Reign 2 and finishing it before Mid-October hits. I don't want to release it at the end of October because that seems a bit cliché. Although it would be a good idea to put it under as a Halloween submission, considering the amount of blood that will be involved. I won't give away what happens in Mega Man Shorts: Episode 2. But I think people should set their expectations a bit higher for this one. "24" fans and the general newgrounds audience are going to find it a riot.

Now for Crap Os X2. I've been putting off this project for way too long. I could submit it right now, but the response from the newgrounds community wouldn't be the one I was looking for. There's still some technical polish to be done, and alot of work.

So expect these movies in the following order (Crap Os X2 is an interactive game, by the way):

Sheindlin's Reign 2 - October 2007
Mega Man Shorts Ep. 2 - November 2007
Crap Os X2 - December 2007/January 2008

I will be working on Crap Os X2 and Mega Man Shorts Ep. 2 Simultaneously. It is my projection that Crap Os X2 will be the last to finish.

Remember to come back to my blog here once in a while to check up on the status of Sheindlin's Reign 2 and the rest of my upcoming movies!

If you haven't seem the first trailer for Sheindlin's Reign 2, here's your chance:

Sheindlin's Reign 2 coming along great, and Megaman Shorts: Episode 2 Tidbits!