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Been on Newgrounds even before 2001 on a different alias. I will be bringing some of my future film work here.

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MrCongeniality's News

Posted by MrCongeniality - March 13th, 2009

About a month and a half ago, Blizzard released a patch for World of Warcraft that allowed players with characters over level 55 to create a level 55 Death Knight on any realm. So, I had an 80 Alliance Night Elf warrior on a PvE server, and it wasn't on the same server as my friend's, and my guild on my current server at the time was really bad at raiding, and they were somewhat selfish drama queens.

So I went and joined my friend and created a Death Knight on his server. Except, it was a complete turnaround in terms of gameplay, for I was going to be playing on a PvP server as Horde. I was scared and reluctant at first, but now I have to say that I have never been more addicted to this game.

My friend's guild is fucking awesome at raiding, and the other night I got my first taste of the new 25-man Naxxaramas, and I was absolutely in awe what I had been missing out in this game. I started playing World of Warcraft about 2 years ago to this very day, and it's so amazing that the term "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is absolutely rubbish!

So if you play WoW as alliance on a PvE server, I recommend flipping it around and trying Horde on a PvP server. You'll also find that a lot less idiots (AKA Children) play on the Horde side. In fact, I think Blizzard made the game so that the Alliance population would be dominated by people under 18, and the Horde would consist of a much more mature population.

I also have to say this too. If you don't play the game yet, then please, don't get into it. It will fucking ruin your life! I tried quitting 2 months ago, and a week later, I found myself back in Azeroth fighting scourge and other foul monsters...it's THAT addictive.

OMG World of Warcraft

Posted by MrCongeniality - February 17th, 2009

If you haven't heard yet, you've been living under a rock wince saturday or sunday.

Read more here.

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Really fucked up. I heard these guys WILL be charged, and there is a 3rd video, and a possible 2nd animal involved as well.

New blog post on my blogger blog is forthcoming.

UPDATE: Seems like these fuckers are getting a jury trial. Boy, are they gonna get assraped.

Posted by MrCongeniality - February 12th, 2009

I found myself absolutely appalled yesterday, from the stupid shit the Duck Division crew pulled and actually got away with. They managed to steal all of the weekly portal awards by using their alts and such to review it giving it 10s, and mass voting. It's out of control, and Newgrounds has been taken over by a bunch of stupid shithead children.

I'm about ready to call it quits with this site, and I'm sure there is a lot of you out there that would like to see me leave, and soon you may get your wish.

The portal is spammy and so is the BBS, and they are both just chock full of immature 13 and 14 year olds, and trolling pieces of shit, which shall remain nameless.

The portal now resembles what looks like the 4chan message board, something I've never seen but I've heard enough about to understand that it's pretty bad. Spammy, full with shit, and taken over by stupid and immature children.

This is not how Newgrounds should be.

[DD] = Dumb Division

Posted by MrCongeniality - February 3rd, 2009

Stifler's Mom (A.K.A. Actress Jennifer Coolidge) on "Nip/Tuck" as a rapper named "Hot Coco".

The song is called "Yo Stink".

It's probably one of the most offensive music videos I've ever seen. I love it.


/* */

Posted by MrCongeniality - January 19th, 2009

Excellent news for those of you who are absolutely upset with the portal spam and the idiots posting it. If it hasn't been made obvious by now, all of the submissions AND accounts (and I mean ALL) belonging to the FFF crew, have been removed from NG. This explains why my blam points went up significantly today, because once a movie is deleted, regardless of its score, it is considered a "blam".

This is great for everyone that voted 0 on their spam submissions, because if you have done so, you have probably just received more voting power!

There's no doubt in my mind the FFF crew will try to stage a comeback. They probably will no longer tag their submission titles with [FFF] anymore, so check out as many new recent submissions as you can, and watch out for the mentions of FFF in the descriptions, and remember, vote accordingly!

Now, I'm going to break out the most expensive champagne I can! Who wants some?

Edit: A picture of the Obituaries page that is EPIC. (Pictured at the end of the news post)

Edit 2: Wade, The site's administrator, with commentary. As well, the FFF have already made a comeback. I also saw 2 submissions with movie clips well over 2 or 3 minutes in them from Anchorman and Orgazmo. I believe they have been flagged for administrative review, however, I'm not entirely sure. I see 2 others blammed before they could pass judgment, it seems. Either it's that or people are seeing the FFF movies and voting like mad.

Edit 3: The crew tried making a comeback last night with a new crew called RPG. They uploaded copyrighted movie clips embed into flash movies onto the portal. As of the past 20 minutes (This edit is 01/19/08 10:45A.M. EST), the flash movies on that RPG account and the account itself have been deleted. Now spam submissions is one thing, but uploading copyrighted shit to the portal that belongs to major movie studios is totally another. I'm glad this was taken care of before it did any real damage, this could of had some catastrophic effects.

[FFF] = Owned.

Posted by MrCongeniality - January 17th, 2009

That's all I have to say. I know there are some good crews out there, but the majority of crews are just taking advantage of the portal and fucking with it. I've seen movies with lots of more effort put forth get deleted, and spam submissions with no effort put worth at all pass judgment and rise above them.

If any of you see the following see these tags on submission titles, then view immediately and vote accordingly. Sadly, I have to hit 0 on most of their movies, because that's all the movies are. Zero.
Anyways, tags to watch out for:

- [SS]
- [FFF]
- [FF]
- [DD]
- I'll update this list if I find more.

Submissions by the crews with the tags listed above usually do something called "Mass Voting", where the users of the crews all come in and vote 5, regardless of the content. This turned to turmoil a few weeks ago, as a spam submission submitted right before the day's end got mass voted on, and won the daily portal award. Wade removed it hours later, along with some of the users and the alts belonging to them. I'm even hearing some users removed had an upwards of 200 alts. Why the fuck would you want that many alts (or any at all), and how the fuck could you even keep track of that many?

If you are reading this, you have to watch out for those tags on the movie submissions I've listed, and vote accordingly as fast as you can. We cannot afford to have this shit continue. If it's shit, it needs to be deleted right away. Spam is not deserving of high score, and it doesn't deserve to pass judgment. Not one day goes by where I don't see this happen. I used to think that the portal was pretty damn shaky in 2001. Tuns out, I was just being optimistic.

Why I'm bitching about this, is because I'm a flash author, and shit like this really scares me away from creating or submitting content to NG. Hence why I did not have any 2006 submissions, and only one 2005 submission. It's not only that, but a spam movie won the daily award. An effortless piece of junk won that award. That award is only meant for authors who make movies that are works of art and spam isn't art, it's garbage.

Posted by MrCongeniality - January 11th, 2009

This is a scream. Stamper and JohnnyUtah create shape movie submissions, you know, just a movie of two shapes talking to each other, featuring great voice-overs but hardly any animation or graphical stuff. Just very basic.

Seems as though dozens of users have followed suit and created their own, me being one of them (my submission here).

But it's obvious that Stamper and JohnnyUtah set out to test all of us on something: regardless of the movie's shitty qualities, would it still get a ridiculously high score because they are popular, well-known, established NG artists?

Now, I believe it is true, established artists on NG like Stamper and JohnnyUtah may get high scores for their movies, regardless of the content within them. Another example is that another well known artist followed suit as well (movie link, it's HILARIOUS), and got a 3.75. I'm seeing other submissions (besides mine) just as good, getting a 2.5 or lower.

So this raises a question: What the fuck is going on?!

(Can't think of a more intelligent question because I'm speechless!)

Posted by MrCongeniality - January 4th, 2009

This is an update on production of Crap Os X2. I know a few people out there are kind of looking forward to seeing it. I don't want to let those people down, so this is why I'm posting this update.

As I stated in my last news post (edit: now deleted), I have very recently had a very bad mental relapse. I just can't fucking concentrate on anything. My mind has been twisted and fucked beyond belief. I'm really having a difficult time with everything, if you can't tell by now.

Yes, it's only been about 28 hours since I've lost my mind, and it may be too early to make a decision like this. But I got to stop working on anything and everything as of right now and find a way to collect myself before I do something rash and stupid. This could take weeks, months, maybe a year. But granted, I'll have enough of myself back together by next month, I hope.

I just can't think about my next flash project when I got so much else on my mind (including past submissions which were embarassing failures).

I hope those who care about my future projects know what I'm going through and understand and respect my choice.

I'm not in the state of mind to be doing ANYTHING right now. I should be in a fucking padded cell, for Christ's sake.

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 30th, 2008

I haven't been working on Crap Os X2 at all the past week, due to obvious reasons. I've been swamped with Christmas, family stuff, and loading up my new 120GB iPod Classic :). I won't be working on it again until the new year arrives.

I'm also thinking of switching to a new website host, because my current webhost "X10Hosting" has been doing a pretty piss poor job with my website the past couple of weeks. First, they had an unforeseen failure that thrusted my site into shutdown for nearly 2 weeks, then they suspended my account afterwards for uploading an "illegitimate" version of a PHP message board (don't trust your friends "giving" you stuff, by the way). Then I decide to use their PHP message board they provide, and it doesn't work...I've asked for help on it but nothing is happening. I know the message board will be as popular as an Uwe Boll movie, but it's just something nice to have there, just in case. Plus, if I plan to ever do Crap Os X2 squel, I'm going to need the PHP, CGI, and other scripting accessible to me and working, so I can create everything I need.

I highly doubt that I'll do a sequel to Crap Os X2, but while I still remember, here's my new years resolutions:

Quit World of Warcraft
Read a book
Get a job
Find a romantic partner
Finish Crap Os X2
Find my own place

and finally:
Get on a new anti-depressant that doesn't have sexual side-effects.

And below is boxart for Crap Os X2. This has been sitting in my Crap Os X2 folder for maybe 2+ years. You can see another version of it here. The text on the top right side of the box says "New technology! New Os! The rival to Microsoft Windows returns with a vengance! By the way, if you can read this, you don't need glasses."

Crap Os X2 Update: 12/30/08, Webhost Stuff, New Years Resolutions

Posted by MrCongeniality - December 28th, 2008

This is a post from my blog at this website (Warning, the extremely conservative and/or religious will be very disgusted with it). I find this blog very important, so I'm posting it on NG as well.

I also bought stickers from the NG store today and I'm officially the owner of some bragging rights. Suck on that! Here's the article.

Title: "I'm Done With WoW"

No, this isn't complaining about my account being hacked as some of you (probably like 2 of you) read about a month ago. But it might be some of the reason, it might have open my eyes a bit and made me realize that this game is sending me into a downward spiral. (THX HACKERS!!! LULZ)

On the a website forum I frequently post, there are some people posting on how they just recently got World of Warcraft for Christmas, and bragging about it, etc.

What they don't know is this: they are about to totally destroy their own lives.

WoW is an immensely incredible game. It's a perfect MMORPG. It's so perfect, that people would rather live in it's world rather than live in the real one. I know this, because I felt that way sometimes. Still, the game hasn't had that horrible of a toll on me as it has compared to some, although I have had a few instances where I would play it from anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week, and lock myself in in my room all day and play away. The game has compromised my life and how I live it. I find myself planning some things around it. It was sometimes a major factor in my decisions.

Well, no more. I'm calling it quits. I'm not quitting cold turkey to be honest, it's actually been a growing feeling I've had within the past couple of weeks, and it's the feeling that I no longer have the desire to play this game. It's not because the new expansion pack is bad, it's actually really great. The story is compelling and masterful. I just don't much care for it anymore.

I had a moment of pure bliss this evening, a feeling I hadn't had for a while. It was a sense of freedom from the game, the feeling of no more commitments to it, no more stupid raids or dungeons, no more quests, just NO MORE. No more of the same shit over and over and over. Besides, it's time to move on with my life and focus on my college degree, and a job that I can keep (even though I'll probably be looking for one for a month or so), and most important of all: get out more. I'll admit that my account being hacked did have some influence on this decision. My experience with the game is somehow tainted because of it, but instead of remove the tainted feelings (which I can do easily), I'm going to let them stay so it can help me leave the game.

This should be a rare occurrence: World of Warcraft is 5 star entertainment, however, I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE. This game destroys lives. It turns a skinny boy into a fat slob (maybe I'm a prime example). It turns the most socially outgoing people into agoraphobes.

If you have plans on ever starting to play this game, do yourself and me a favor, stay as far away from it as you can. If you know someone who is crazy addicted to it, you need to do what you can to stop them from digging their hole even deeper. I'm not saying that you should pull a "Jena Malone" and sleep with the gay man to make him straight (That's what her character did in "Saved!"), but I'm saying you know, invite him or her to come hang out, invite them to do stuff. Make them realize that life outside the game is better than life inside the game.

If you are addicted to the game and reading this, then have hope, because the truth is you can have a life again, and you can be happy being outside the World of Warcraft. Life IS much better outside the World of Warcraft.

Even though I've been able to quit it on my own, I'm still going to go back into therapy, so I can manage my depression and anxiety. World of Warcraft probably made it worse, to be honest. I hate admitting that, I really do, but as I've clearly pointed out, this game has an unbelievable effect on people. It can turn great people into lowlifes.

It's better to live without it.

I'm quitting World of Warcraft